Covid-19 security

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We invite you to read the Covid Measures

The wearing of the mask is required for any movement inside the restaurant.
You can remove it when you are installed at your table.
Thank you for not touching decorative objects and surfaces.

During your entry, at the reception, the manager will come to accompany you to your table.
Remember to keep the sanitary distance of 1 m.

We can’t take your locker room.
Please keep your clothes on your chair.

On your table, we put a QR code so that you can consult the menu on your smartphone.
Aware that not everyone knows how to use this tool, we keep available laminated menus that will be disinfected after each use.

The Sanitary facilities are subject to a strict disinfection protocol.
Two toilets are at your disposal. We ask you to go one person at a time to avoid the comings and goings and crossings.

For smokers, equipped with a mask for moving, the ashtray is outside, in front of the entrance.
Here again, remember to respect the sanitary distance of 1m.

After lunch, do not move from your table.
To respect the measures barriers, the settlement of your addition will be at the table.

Know that even if there are no handshakes, kisses, the heart is there. The smile will be right under the mask or visor.

We do everything to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time.
If anything bothers you, please let us know.

The Directorate