Our Actions for the Environment

poubelles pour recyclage

To the Office

Use limited by the printings

Registration to e-invoices, e-found etc….

Balai recylcage

Cleaning products

Minimization of the use of the useless and toxic products thanks to the ecological or natural products

recyclage végétaux


Voluminous green waste carried in the waste collection center

Coffee marc at the foot of plants

eau recyclage


All the waters not used on table are got back for the watering of plants and the vegetation

logo recyclage


Philosophy which consists in favoring the preparation of the local, fresh products, allowing the economy of the transport and reducing the broadcast of CO2

recyclage pain


The not used dry bread is transformed into bread-crumb or given for the food of animals

ampoule économie énergie


Use of energy-saving bulbs

Management of the outside lighting by timer

Fast setting in a stand-by mode of the computer hardware

Small devices equipped with rechargeable batteries

poubelles pour recyclage

Use of Trash cans bet at our disposal

Biological waste in the green trash can

The glass in the container of our municipality

Cardboard(Box), paper, plastic, brick food, newspapers and magazines, flask and bottle in the yellow trash can